A pocket-size check-out registration station

SelfCheck offers borrowers of your materials the possibility to easily register transactions using their own smartphone. From now on, the process of checking out books can take place at the bookshelf. Users can also save themselves a trip to the library when they take over a book already borrowed by someone else. SelfCheck offers numerous advantages!

All the basic facilities at hand

SelfCheck is an easy-to-use mobile application that supports all the basic library transactions. It allows users to register the process of checking out a book themselves, by scanning it with their smartphone. SelfCheck also offers them the possibility to register returns, reservations and renewals.

The check-out and return registration functionality differentiates SelfCheck from the applications of a number of other suppliers of library software. However, the most interesting feature of the app is the support it offers to easily pass on a borrowed book to a subsequent borrower without the involvement of the library. This simplifies the process of borrowing books from the perspective of both users and librarians.

Quick start

Due to the simple interface, everybody can quickly learn to work with the mobile application. Once we have connected your library, new users can easily start using SelfCheck by:

  1. Downloading the app
  2. Registering using the membership details of your library
  3. Scanning a book
  4. Selecting a transaction

Link with existing systems

Books are scanned by means of an RFID tag or a QR code. The app communicates with the library system through a central web service that is able to work with standards such as SIP2. This makes it possible to link SelfCheck to your current system, regardless of the type of library solution that you are using.

Easy transfer of books

By means of SelfCheck, books are transferred to other users of the same library in a unique manner. The new borrower registers the process of checking the book out by scanning it, after which the system automatically registers the return of the book by the previous owner in the background. This ensures that your book can be traced easily!

iOS en Android

By supporting RFID tags and QR codes, SelfCheck is suitable for both Android and iPhone users. Simply scan the book by means of the RFID tag or QR-code to obtain all the available information on the book and to register the process of checking it out, returning it or transferring it.

Make your library mobile

With SelfCheck, users always have their own check-out station at hand. This simplifies the distribution of books within a building or even at various locations, similar to a pop-up library.


Using a mobile application prevents the need for investment in fixed check-out stations, while offering users the same functionality as well as additional features.

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