EASY Federated Search
Internal as well as external specialized information integrated in a single portal
Searching online and internal sources of information simultaneously saves valuable time and money.
Better understanding of actual use of information sources makes it possible to cut costs.
Easy, centralized access encourages the best possible use of available information.
Central management and safe storage prevents unauthorized use and loss of access details.
Quick access to current and full information enhances quality.
Storing and sharing information efficiently stimulates re-use, exchange and collaboration.
One point of access to all your sources

Accessing different online sources of information and, subsequently, searching each of these individually is very time consuming. This also involves manually logging into password-protected sources, which is a cumbersome task.

In addition, different information sources may apply different (advanced) search methods. EASY Federated Search makes searching a uniform process and brings all sources together in a single portal.

Deep web exploring

Many sources of information are only accessible if you have a subscription. Since standard search engines cannot reach this information, this is known as the 'deep web'. EASY can easily access these sources for you.

EASY places no restrictions on the number of information sources. Every desired source of information, whether free or paid, can be included in and accessed by the portal.

Examples include online magazines, (library) catalogs, websites, archives and databases. The search results are presented in a structured manner, grouped by source.

If desired, EASY will deduplicate the results and present them in one integrated list, sorted by relevance.

Automatic login

Your information package can consist of both public sources and sources for which a license is required. Publishers increasingly use IP-based access control.

Does the link to a certain source of information require a user name and password? No problem: EASY logs in automatically, without the user noticing anything. Hence, EASY is a simple way to implement ‘Single Sign-on’ to all your information sources.

Quality benefits

Since EASY gives the employees in your organization faster access to a larger number of information sources, it becomes much easier to use the full range of available sources. Consequently, users can incorporate more information in their research, which will have a positive effect on the quality of their work and your product development and/or service supplied.

Cost benefits

With EASY Federated Search you provide insight into the broad and highly fragmented range of online content. The employees in your organization have faster and easier access to information, which saves time and money. But EASY brings even more cost benefits within reach.

EASY Federated Search gives you clear insight into the actual use of the online information sources. This could mean that you establish that certain expensive subscriptions are hardly ever used. Or that, in practice, the number of users is much smaller than the number for which subscription fees are paid. You may also find that there is a need for information in new areas. EASY gives you the information needed to accurately match the available sources of information to the needs of the users. On the basis of that information, you can make sound agreements with your suppliers and cut your subscription costs.

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Safe access to internal as well as extern external content

EASY enables simultaneous searches of internal information and external knowledge sources. We understand that, in some cases, it is not desirable to post information outside your company or to provide access to internal knowledge from outside. And there is no need to do so, because this smart Square application makes it possible to combine internal and external searches given these restrictions.

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